Top 10 K-Drama actresses

Lee Sung Kyung

Versatility has been the base of her fame as she continues to rise up

Song Hye Kyo

She has carried her charm from years ago and transformed it to elegance

Jun Ji Hyun

A famed beauty, Jun Ji Hyun is known to pick her roles with care

Han Ji Min

Carrying innocence and depth in her characters, Han Ji Min has mastered many different roles

Kim Go Eun

Taking on varied embodiments that allow her to explore, Kim Go Eun has become a sought after actor in the industry

Park Shin Hye

A long running career full of hits, Park Shin Hye has crafted her time well

Shin Min Ah

She brings experience and careful understanding to all her portrayals

Seo Ye Ji

Making unique and challenging choices, she has built quite the name