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What Would You Do? Season 17 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

What Would You Do? season 17 latest updates are in, continue reading to know everything! What Would You Do? is a situational hidden camera television show that debuted on February 26, 2008, and is currently airing on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

The show, which Chris Whipple created, has a sociological experiment structure and focuses on the emotions of onlookers who come across violence or unlawful conduct in public while being ignorant that everything is manufactured and being captured by covert cameras. John Quinones, a news correspondent, has been the program’s host for all sixteen of its seasons.

What Would You Do? appeared sometimes on ABC’s Primetime from 2005 to 2007. It was an immediate hit for the ABC network. ABC ordered the show’s first season after the 2007 writers’ strike. The show received yearly renewals for the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. Beginning with the sixth season, the show started including guest stars, such as Meredith Vieira, Howie Mandel, Barbara Corocan, and more.

Some of the portions feature Quiones watching and discussing the recorded video with psychology professors, instructors, or club members as they explain and draw conclusions about the reactions of the onlookers. The design of this format, as well as others like it, has drawn criticism since it can lead to conclusions about bystanders without taking into consideration other plausible causes for their actions.

What Would You Do? Season 17 Cast

What Would You Do? Season 17 Cast
What Would You Do? Season 17 Cast

The cast of What Would You Do? Season 17 is not yet announced. However, we can anticipate the host and former co-host to make a comeback in the 17th season.

What Would You Do? Season 16 Episodes

What Would You Do? Season 16 Episodes
What Would You Do? Season 16 Episodes
  • A white man is instructed by a black man to remove his Confederate-themed jacket. A homeless man receives free meals from a coffee shop staff, infuriating the manager. Two young males discuss sharing explicit pictures of an ex-girlfriend. A mother begs her son to quit acting so juvenile when he is dressed as a superhero.
  • When a gay athlete comes out, his coach orders him to remain in the closet. A veteran with a catastrophic brain injury and a waitress argue. A woman starts taking things off the shelf and dumping them on the floor in an attempt to rearrange the store. A father requests his son’s gambling funds. A woman receives criticism for utilizing coupons to purchase products.
  • A mother receives criticism for assisting immigrant children rather than American kids. A woman confesses to having had postpartum depression. A Down syndrome person is rejected by two college sorority sisters. When they go ziplining, an elderly guy with a heart ailment assures his granddaughter not to be concerned.
  • Someone criticizes a young woman for not having a safe home address when she applies for a job. A woman starts making sexist remarks about her date. A man is trying to stay sober as his wife pushes him to drink at a bar. A bride-to-be informs a pal that she will no longer serve as a bridesmaid. A child’s birthday party is empty.
  • A high school student confides in a pal that they want to work as sugar babies to pay for their education. When the dress she wants does not come in her size, a woman starts to cry. A stay-at-home dad is criticized by two women. A babysitter brings young children to a bar and starts drinking.
  • A woman in her middle age who applies for a job is rejected because she is too old. At a gym, two women chastise an obese and an underweight lady for sporting workout leggings. A customer berates a gay pair for purchasing football gear. At a restaurant, a woman makes her children eat their vegetables.
  • The teenager implores his anti-vaccine mother to consent to his vaccination. When the cashier leaves the register, a woman steals money from it. A pageant judge is berating and viciously insulting her contestant’s appearance. At an alligator farm, a young youngster confides in his father that he fears alligators. After his friend passes away, an elderly man dines in a restaurant by himself.
  • A diner talks about the merits of building a border wall between the United States and Mexico. At a park, a bunch of females taunts another girl. An ex-wife criticizes her ex-husband in front of her young child. Many people doze off in public areas.
  • A young man comes out as bisexual to his buddies. Because his daughter wants to play baseball, a parent shames her. When a recently engaged woman shows her friend her new ring, the friend is horrified to see a little diamond. At a meal, two grandmothers humiliate their grandkids by taking pictures and selfies.
  • A little youngster asks complete strangers to pretend to be his karate teacher so that he can fight off bullies. Later, the same child solicits deception from others in an effort to steal a bike. A focus group is urged to tell several clients lies about a product’s efficacy. In front of his wife, a married salesman asks strangers to masquerade as his marriage coach.

What Would You Do? Season 17 Release Date

What Would You Do? Season 17 Release Date
What Would You Do? Season 17 Release Date

The release date of Season 17 of What Would You Do? is not yet known or announced by American Broadcasting Company. There has been no update or statement too about the cancellation or renewal of the show from the show makers. However, the expected release is to happen in 2023.

What Would You Do? Season 17 Trailer

No trailer is available on YouTube for Season 17 of What Would You Do?

Where To Watch ‘What Would You Do?’ Season 17?

‘What Would You Do?’ season 17 is not yet released. The previous 16 seasons were streamed on American Broadcasting Company and at present, it is available to binge on Hulu.

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