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Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed? Read Here To Find Out

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To find out Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed, continue reading. Below Deck Mediterranean is a spin-off to the popular Below Deck series. The reality series was aired in May 2016 on Bravo.

The show has 7 seasons and a total of 102 episodes. Each episode is about 40 minutes long. Like the Below Deck series, the show features super yachts and the crew but the location and the personnel are different.

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Premise Of Below Deck Mediterranean

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The show features the lives of the crew working aboard the motor yachts in the Mediterranean during charter season. Each episode has different passengers the crew does odd jobs for, serves and interacts with.

There are two groups within the crew: deckhands and stewards. The stewards are responsible for taking care of the interiors of the yacht like cleaning the rooms, serving food and drinks, entertaining the guests and planning theme nights. The deck hands take care of the exterior of the boat like cleaning it, helping out the captain during docking and arranging speedboats, slides and tender boats in the water for the guests. The captain oversees the entire staff. The show follows the crew and their lives, arguments and banters.

The yacht is almost like a luxury hotel for wealthy and affluent guests who come aboard to relax and enjoy. The basic premise of the show is that the crew does their best to handle all their responsibilities while a camera crew follows them around. The high-pressure situations of the service industry provides for interesting circumstances that make the show what it is.

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Tips also exist so the staff have to be on their best behaviour even if a guest is being awful. Tips are tax-free and get added to their salary. They are distributed equally and depend on the passengers’ experience hence, the crew have to work really hard and create the best stay for the guests. It is a good buddy comedy and crew brew that can be enjoyed with friends.

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Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed?

Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed
Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed

Each season follows a different crew working in a different location in the Mediterranean.

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  • Season 1:

The first season was filmed in Greece and nearby islands on the yacht, Ionian princess.

  • Season 2:

The second season of the show was filmed on the superyacht, Sirocco in Croatia.

  • Season 3:

This season was filmed atop the Talisman Maiton in Italy.

  • Season 4:

The fourth season was filmed in the south of France on the yacht, Sirocco again like the second season.

  • Season 5:

This season was filmed in Mallorca, Spain on The Wellington.

  • Season 6:

Like the second season, this season was filmed in Croatia on Lady Michelle.

  • Season 7:

The last season was filmed in Malta on the yacht, Home.

There are many variables behind picking the filming location for each season. Firstly, the place should be close to a major airport for the guests to fly in and out. Secondly, there should be hotel accommodations nearby for the production crew. Thirdly there should be the availability of local suppliers who can provide perishable items like meat, fruits, and ice. Lastly and most importantly, the location should be aesthetically pleasing for the TV.

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Where To Watch Below Deck Mediterranean?

Where To Watch Below Deck Mediterranean
Where To Watch Below Deck Mediterranean

To catch up with the ‘work hard play hard’ crew atop a superyacht, watch Below Deck Mediterranean on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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