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Why Her Streaming Details, Cast, and Much More

“Why her” is one of the most anticipated dramas in the K-world. It is an upcoming South Korean television series by SBS. The drama is also called “Why Oh Soo-Jae?”. It is a romance drama which will be sir anytime soon. The drama is written by Kim Ji-Eun. She has written dramas like Lie After Lie and Enemies from the Past. The drama is directed by the extremely talented, Park Soo-Jin.

He has directed a few wonderful Korean television series like While you were sleeping, Dr. Romantic, and Doctors. Other than the small screen, he has also worked on a bigger screen, directing a movie “The Hymn of Death”.His work has always given what the audience asks for. All the dramas are special in their way.

Fans are waiting impatiently to see Hwang In-Yeop back on the screen as soon as possible. Since he gained fame from the drama “True Beauty”, k-drama fans are excited to see him as the main protagonist instead of the second lead. He is going to play a college student in the drama. Seo Hyun-Jin is going to share the screen with him as a lawyer. The drama is expected to unfold the mysteries as the episodes are released. “Why her” is going to be a melodramatic romance drama.

Plot of Why Her

Plot of Why Her
Plot of Why Her

Why Her? is a melodramatic romance South Korean television series. The drama revolves around the college and the law firm.

The main protagonist of the drama, Oh Soo-Jae, is a lawyer. She became a member of the TK Law Firm at a very young age. TK Law Firm is considered one of the greatest law firms in the country. She is a very ambitious person and loves wining all the cases. At the same time, she is also cautious and makes sure she takes the right decisions.

She always worked to make her life better and successful. All of this changes when she gets a case and gets involved in it which leads to demotion. Then she starts working at a university as a professor.

Gong Chan is a student at the same university. He has experienced a lot of pain but remains bright and open to people. He meets Oh Soo-Jae at the university. He falls in love with her and gets ready to do anything for her.

Choi Tae-Kook is exactly the opposite of Gong Chan as he can do anything for himself. He does not care about the laws and gets involved in illegal stuff to satisfy himself. Choi Tae-Kook is the chairman of the TK Law Firm.

Cast of Why Her

Cast of Why Her
Cast of Why Her

 Hwang In-Yeop, everyone’s favorite second lead actor is back with a bang. Most importantly he plays the main role this time. He was recently hyped up because of the drama “True Beauty”. He plays the role of Gong Chan. Gong Chan is a law student at a university. He carries some heavy past with him although it might not seem like he does. He falls in love with a professor at the university.

Seo Hyun-Jin is the female protagonist of the show. She is known for her acting in dramas like Dr. Romantic and You Are My Spring. She plays the role of Oh Soo-Jae, an ambitious lawyer. Heo Jun-Ho has always blown the audience’s mind with his performance in numerous movies and shows. He plays the role of Choi Tae-Kook. He is the chairman of the TK Law Firm.

Streaming details of Why her

The drama is an SBS original. The series is scheduled to premiere in June 2022. Why Her? will air every Friday and Saturday, at 22:00 KST. The drama is expected to have 16 episodes, each episode of about 70 minutes of duration. It can be also enjoyed on Viki and ViuTV.

Why her Trailer

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