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Wisting Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Hello Folks, in this post we are going to discuss a Norwegian thriller police procedural television series named Wisting. Wisting stars Sven Nordin as widower William Wisting, a homicide investigator, who was faced with two of the most challenging cases of his career, and his investigation into a serial killer intersects with his crime-writing daughter’s news story.

Wishing two seasons are out till now, with Wisting Season 1 released on 11 April 2019. This Amazing Season had Wisting one of the best crime thriller series and settled up high expectations for its sequel. Season 2 of Wisting premiered on December 26, 2021. People liked this show, and the second season fulfils Fans’ expectations. The creators hoped for the best, and it was achieved, which is a positive response. The second Season-ending also confirmed that surely there will be Season 3 of Wisting, so sit tight.

Wisting Previous season has got mixed reviews from the critics, it has an imbd rating of 7.3 from 5.6 k people’s votes and 82% of Google users liked this series makes it an appealing series to many crime thriller lovers out there.

However, if you enjoyed the previous season and are looking forward to the release of season 3, Nobody will let you down, and this is a hard-core statement from the actors and producers themselves. Now you must be awaiting season 3 and wondering what the storyline will be, who will appear, and what else might happen this time that will surprise everyone.

If you are a Fan of Wisting and were eagerly waiting for news regarding the release of Wisting Season 3, we have got your back and gathered some information regarding Season 3, so in order to not skip any crucial chuck of information read this post till the end.

Wisting Season 3 Release Date

So, who’s excited for the upcoming season of this show? Obviously, many people are eagerly anticipating the start of the new season. So the renewal of the third season is almost certain, but it will take some time because the previous season was just launched and will be available on OTT

This series is claimed to be the most expensive series ever produced in Norway. As a result, we are confident that it will take longer than planned. The series has left many unsolved miseries and much more suspense for those who watched the second season.

Fans should expect the release of Wisting season 3 somewhat around late 2022 or mid-2023. There is still no official news regarding releasing date of Wisting season 3 from the makers and production house. But as soon as we get any news regarding the release of season 3 we will immediately update this section till then stay tuned to Cine Says for further updates and many more.

Wisting Season 1

The plot of this series is quite interesting, as it talks about a murder that occurred on Christmas Eve. And by murder, it means a man’s dying body. A man’s body is discovered lying in the snow behind a tree on a Christmas tree farm outside Larvik, Norway. The protagonist, William Wisting, and his team of investigators are individually investigating this case. The homicide was linked to Robert Godwin, an American serial killer who has been on the run for more than 20 years. The authorities believed he had fled the county to Larvik, hiding somewhere as far away as possible from anyone who could see him.

And the police assumed that someone from the neighborhood was involved in the case. Maggie Griffin and John Bantham, FBI Special Agents, are assigned to Norway to assist with the investigation. So, in order to arrest the offender, they developed a well-thought-out strategy that said that they would keep their presence hidden in order to avoid alerting the attacker and that those who are terrified would run back.

Wisting’s daughter, Line Wisting, is an investigative journalist working on a story on their next-door neighbor, who died alone in his home. Line’s involvement with Bantham, which allows her to learn his true name, unintentionally connects her investigation to a police murder case, and she becomes a target.

Meanwhile, the police track down the killer’s principal dumpsite, where the body count rises rapidly, and the search expands into Sweden, where Wisting and Griffin ultimately capture the attacker in a thrilling finale. This is the topic that everyone is talking about. Everyone’s courageous actions and the suspense they’ve generated are both true and amazing.

Wisting Cast

Cast will be the same as the previous season. But it may have some extra characters because the original characters are much needed because the show is well dependent on them itself from their acting.

The cast of Wisting is listed below:

  • William Wisting, a police detective, is played by Sven Nordin
  • Maggie Griffin is played by Carrie-Anne Moss
  • Jonas Strand Gravli as Thomas
  • Wisting’s deputy Mads Ousdal as Nils Hammer
  • Police detective Mariann Hole is played by Thea Green Lundberg
  • Lars Berge is played by Jackb Fort

Wisting Season 3 Trailer

The trailer of Wisting Season 3 came out 2 weeks earlier on youtube, however, we are not sure if it is official. So if any other trailer comes out of Wisting we will surely update this section.

Till then you can watch Wisting Previous 2 seasons to get a hold of the previous plot.

Where to watch Wisting

Currently, 2 seasons consisting of 8 episodes of Wisting are available on Amazon Prime Videos, Google Play, and Vudu for online streaming.

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