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Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained can be read here. Hey guys! If you are wondering where to look for Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained then you will get it here. You will get everything in detail here.

A South Korean television program called Woori The Virgin premiered on May 9, 2022. It concerns a woman who, although not having lost her virginity, became pregnant as a result of an error made during a routine checkup. It is based on the American television program Jane the Virgin, which aired on the CW in the United States from 2014 to 2019. It is directed by Jeong Jeong- Hwa.

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Story

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Story
Woori The Virgin Season 1 Story

Raphae and Kang-Jae ask Woori out, and then they quarrel about who she should be dating. Woori, however, is perplexed and unsure about what to do next. She receives an apology from Kang-Jae after he visits her office the following day. No matter what, he believes he still loves her. Right after Kang-Jae leaves, Raphael also enters the office and apologizes to her for pressuring her to be married.

Ma-mother Ri is still being held prisoner by Chairman Kim, who has not yet been apprehended. With Ma-assistance, Ri aims to gain control of the medical foundation. She has tasked her with gathering all data regarding any illicit activities carried out by the foundation.

The Father of Raphael makes the choice to quit the hospital and transfer to a monastery. He tells Raphael that Chairman Kim is his older sister who was born illegitimately before he was married before he departs. Unbeknownst to her, Ma-Ri provides a USB cable that contains phony paperwork. She is taken into custody by Kang-Jae and Na-Hee, his junior before she has a chance to confront her. Ma-Ri offers Raphael her sincere apologies before resuming her life as Mal-Ja.

With her assistance, Raphael was able to rescue his company and family, and he has come to say farewell. On the last day of the shoot, Woo-Ri recognizes Choi Sung-Il as her father and offers to assist him in his second attempt to ask her mother to marry him. Oh Eun-Ran accepts his proposal after stating that she will only do so under one condition. Raphae or Kang-Jae must be the one her daughter chooses. Woori claims she’s already decided. Woo-Ri has surgery the following day and is concerned about her unborn child, but everything goes smoothly.

When Oh Woori (Im Soo Hyang) suddenly felt ill while strolling, she went to the hospital. She was concerned about the unborn child after learning she had appendicitis. She was worried about the potential for surgery while she was expecting. Raphael (Sung-Hoon) and Lee Kang-Jae (Shin Dong-Wook) rushed to the hospital where Woori had been admitted as soon as they learned about her. They heard about Woori’s illness from the grandmother who was with her. When Woori awoke after successful surgery and questioned, “What about the baby?” she was worried. Her mother Eun-ran Oh (Eun-hee Hong) assured her that there was nothing to be concerned about.

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained

Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained
Woori The Virgin Season 1 Ending Explained

The show jumps forward in time by 10 months, and Woo-Ri is getting ready for her daughter’s 100th birthday party. Her daughter is known by the name Ri-Woo. While her father, Raphael, and Kang-Jae arrive on schedule, her mother and grandmother have planned a feast. It was then time for her to tie the knot. It is revealed that Woo-Ri proposed to Kang-Jae after her surgery but did not get married until the child was born. Raphael agreed with her choice and grew close to Kang-Jae.

On the wedding day, Kang-Jae is detained after attempting to break through the security gates since he was running late. Woo-Ri goes to pick him up from the police, but no taxi is available because of a neighborhood marathon that is still going on. Until she spots a bus and persuades the other passengers to help her, she has no choice but to rush to go fetch him. After picking up her family members who had also run with her, she finally retrieves Kang-Jae from the station.

After the wedding, the couple purchases a home next to Woo-home Ri’s so they may regularly visit her relatives. Her mother is now expecting a child. Raphael pays a visit to her family as well, and they accept him as one of them. As a result, everyone had a beautiful and joyful finale, which is sure to touch the hearts of all viewers.

Where Can You Watch Woori The Virgin Season 1?

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