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World Witches Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

World Witches Season 2 also known as Hasshin Shimasu is a Japanese military comedy Anime series produced by Takashi Tadusaki and directed by Fumio Ito based on the Manga series created by Makoto Fujibayashi who is better known for his manga series such as ‘Brave witches 502 JFW Take-off’. The anime series was originally created by Humikane Shimada, a famous Japanese video game and anime illustrator and character designer, and presented by Nippon Columbia and Glovision together and created by animation studios named as Acca effe and Giga Productions. The Japanese anime original series was aired as a TV series from January 13 in 2021 to March 31 of the same year through 12 episodes. The series comes under the comedy genre which has a runtime between 15 to 30 minutes.

World Witches Season 2 Takes off Series

The series develops through a humoristic way of unique storytelling and the events happening in this series is plotted in an alternative and fictional world. Soon after World War II, the world was confronted by a flock of alien forces which began to invade the world and this group of aliens became known as ‘Neuroi’. To annihilate and fight against these aliens a new group of hybrids was created which has enough potential to face them. They set out to fight against these alien creatures and their stories about fighting and attacks between them is what the series World Witches about.

World Witches Season 2 Plot


The series is set in an after world war era, where the world is divided into different empires such as Fuso and Libenon etc. And in continuation to these events follows a plot of fighting between alien forces named as ‘Neuroi’ which invaded in the same period of time on Earth and the hybrid creatures made in the alternative world to set out for a fight against and tolerate the attacks of these alien forces which is known as ‘Witches’.These group of witches are included with people who are young in age and girls and these young girls are possess with some powerful magical abilities which are worthy of fighting against them as well as tolerating the attacks of these alien enemies by using their powerful magic. 

These witches are basically formed as a hybrid which has an amalgamated body form of humans and animals. Thus they have ears which are similar to animals such as foxes and dogs as well as tails of them. Also these witches are inspired by the forms of real-life pilots and these changes happen to their ears and tails can be seen more clearly when they use their magical powers. These Witches are accompanied with their mecha weapon which is similar to aircraft. And they get intensive power to increase their potential to fight the Neuroi, they use their aircraft like designed weapons to fly through the sky and increase their magical power. 

The series basically is considered as a spin off to the original series franchise known as ‘Strike Witches’ which is written and created by ‘Fumikane Shimada’. The series is not a continuation of the previous ‘Strike Witches’ seasons but instead this series focuses on the events happening around with the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing which is associated with the Witches army. This spin off series discusses the events which happen in the life of a young girl Hikari Karibuchi from one among the empires known as ‘Fuso’, and she joins into the group of witches known as Brave Witches to fight in the place of her sister Takami who got injured in a war against the Neuroi.

 World Witches Season 2 Cast

The cast list of the Japanese anime series ‘The World Witches’ includes with famous Japanese actress and voice over artist ‘Ai Kakuma’ who is known for her non-anime characters such as ‘Beast Friends’, ‘Fate/Grand Order’ and ‘Ace Virgin : Saishutsugeki’ who portrays the titular role of Hikari Karibuchi, Misato Fukuen who is known for her famous roles as Aisha in the non-anime series ‘ Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi’ and Malani in “Star Wars: Ewoks” as Yoshika Miyafuji, Ami Koshimizu from Bravely default and Dream C Club  as Charlotte E yeager, Kaori Nazuka from Robotics;Notes and Assassin Creed:Brotherhood as Lynette Bishop, Maaya Uchida from Chain chronicles and Tower of the Princess as Miya Misumi and Rie Suegara from War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and The Grand summoners as Takami Karibuchi, the injured sister of Hikari Karibuchi and many more. 

World Witches Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer for the World Witches Season 2 is not released yet, until then you can watch the trailer for season 1.

World Witches Season 2 Release Date

The Japanese anime series is about the group of witches in the Number 502 fighter unit known as the ‘Brave Witches’.This Witches franchise comes under the Strike witches which has many projects ranging from TV series to anime and manga. But till this time there aren’t any sightings of the beginning of new seasons. But hopefully in the upcoming chapters of the season may explore the new fights between Neuro is and the Witches.

This series has been a part of many hit projects which made this franchise quite popular and successful but honestly, this show has received much low average ratings on different fan and website reviews. The poor reviews and ratings are indicating the difficulty and investing for a new season. As per the latest reports which are associated with the creators of the series World witches were not thinking about a new season after the failed attempt in the prior season. But one can hopefully expect an announcement regarding a new season of the series by the beginning of 2023.     

Where to watch World Witches Season 2?

The series is available to stream on the platform Funimation with English and Japanese audio with English subtitles also you can watch with your account on Anime planet as well.  

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