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Yurei Deco Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and More!

If you are waiting for Yurei Deco Season 2 then we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to share every information regarding the show and its previous season, and the upcoming season. The show has a rating of 6.3 out of 10, 6.2 out of 10 on IMDb, and not yet rated on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yurei Deco is an original Japanese anime television program created by Science SARU, Dai Sat, and Tomohisa Shimoyama. It made its debut in July 2022. Since July of the same year, a webtoon version with illustrations by Digital Shokunin Studio has been serialized online via Line Corporation’s Line Manga website.

Here is all the information about Yurei Deco Season 2.

Yurei Deco Season 2 Storyline

Yurei Deco Season 2 Storyline
Yurei Deco Season 2 Storyline

The story opens with Berry, a typical teenage girl from a typical family, meeting Hack, a girl who has the appearance of a boy. Berry runs into Hack’s team, the Ghost Detectives Club, after being won over by Hack. Members of this club operate covertly in Tom Sawyer Island’s digitally controlled society as the “socially dead.” Berry discovers Phantom ZERO, a shadowy figure who hides in Tom Sawyer’s underbelly, as she collaborates with the organization. She and Hack decide to go after this person, and eventually, the city’s secret is revealed.

A social credit system known as Decoration Customizer, or simply “Deco,” governs society in the island metropolis of Tom Sawyer. People acquire “Love,” which is used as payment for services, and labor to develop their Deco avatars, which are seen through a holographic augmented reality device implanted in their eyes. A little girl named Berry is fascinated with locating Zero, a fictitious criminal who is rumored to lower the Love of anyone he comes into contact with to zero.

While Berry is traveling to the hospital to have a Deco display in her right eye mended, she discovers someone who is invisible to Deco sight playing jokes on people and stealing their love. Berry tries to catch the robber, believing it to be Zero, but is unsuccessful. Using a recovered surveillance device, Berry forces the thief into another encounter until they are both caught in a Zero Phenomenon event, where a figure the thief knows as Zero arises in front of them.

Yurei Deco Season 2 Cast

Yurei Deco Season 2 Cast
Yurei Deco Season 2 Cast
  • Mira Kawakatsu 
  • Anna Nagase 
  • Haruka Shimizu 
  • Miyu Irino 
  • Rie Kugimiya 
  • Sayuri Sadaoka 
  • Setsuji Satoh 
  • Takeshi Miyajima 
  • Aki Sugawa  
  • Akinori Egoshi 
  • Akio Ohtsuka 
  • Chihiro Sunou 
  • Hideki Tanaka 
  • Jin Urayama  
  • Kaori Kimura
  • Kazutomi Yamamoto 
  • Ken Uo  
  • Kentarō Tone 
  • Kentarou Takano 
  • Kōsuke Echigoya 
  • Masamichi Kitada 

Yurei Deco Season 2 Plot

Yurei Deco Season 2 Plot
Yurei Deco Season 2 Plot

In the virtual city of Tom Sawyer, people compete for “Love,” which is similar to getting likes on social media. Through the Decoration Customizer, better known as “Deco,” a hologram device implanted in a person’s eyes from early childhood, citizens of this augmented reality trade Love for government services and avatars that can change their appearance. The residents of Tom Sawyer are kept under tight control by the government, and their lives are peaceful—apart from when Phantom Zero, a shadowy thief who reduces all Love around to zero, occasionally shows up.

Berry, a mischievous girl enamored of Phantom Zero, lives contentedly in Tom Sawyer’s system until her Deco malfunctions and she is able to view Hack, a disguised trickster. Berry pursues the suspect, believing him to be Phantom Zero, and in the process starts to learn some of society’s best-kept secrets. As it turns out, Hack is not the only individual breaking the rules of the system—and Tom Sawyer’s vivid hues conceal a darker nature.

Yurei Deco Season 2 Genre

Yurei Deco Season 2 Genre
Yurei Deco Season 2 Genre

Yurei Deco Season 2  belongs to the genre of Mystery.

Yurei Deco Previous Season Recap

Yurei Deco Previous Season Recap
Yurei Deco Previous Season Recap

The Professor, who oversees the Neo Animal Museum, which serves as a zoo with artificial animals, is the sender of the message. The Professor has created a replica of a Nue and claims that his representation is the most accurate, whereas Decopedia’s representation is untrue. He requests that the YDC update the Decopedia entry on the Nue to reflect its genuine nature. To alter the Nue file, Berry and Hack smuggle themselves into the Decopedia Hyperverse. They divert their attention, though, and produce a creature that has little resemblance to a Nue. A new Nue craze is subsequently started when the modified Nue manages to get away from Berry and Hack and spread over the city network.

The Professor refuses to pay for the work since he is upset over their failure. The Professor and Decopedia are both mistaken, as Madam 44 reveals that she was able to locate an actual book saying that Nue is an imaginary being. Hack becomes enraged after Berry unintentionally reveals that she attempted to view Hack’s profile in Customer Service’s database during their disagreement about whether or not to tell the Professor. When Berry sees the Professor, he confesses that he was aware that the Nue was fictitious from the beginning and regretfully deletes his Nue. The Decopedia entry on the Nue will soon be removed, and society will soon be obsessed with axolotls.

Berry is discouraged by these happenings, and Finn suggests she apologize to Hack because even Yurei have secrets they’d like to keep hidden. Until she learns that Hack has accessed her school data, Berry makes an effort to apologize. The Professor, meantime, abandons his attempts to replicate the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. Later, a fresh client comes to the YDC.

Yurei Deco Season 2 Release Date

Yurei Deco Season 2 Release Date
Yurei Deco Season 2 Release Date

As of August 2022, Yurei Deco hasn’t been renewed for a second season. No official announcement has been made about the show’s future. So the good news for the fans is that it hasn’t been canceled yet and is expected to be renewed for another season but we can’t confirm it without the official announcement. If we get any information about the future of the show, we shall update you as soon as possible, so stay tuned for that.

Where To Watch Yurei Deco Season 2?

Now you know that Yurei Deco Season 2 is not renewed yet. You can still watch all the episodes of the previous season of the show on Crunchyroll.

So that was all the information regarding Yurei Deco Season 2. If you liked this article then share it with your friends to let them know about this great show.

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